Dwarves have a very short fuse, and are constantly bickering. A popular saying is “never get in an argument with a dwarf” due to their unrelenting stubbornness. However, when there is a serious threat to a Dwarven community, they will quickly drop any strife, and fight alongside even their most hated neighbors. And generally, when life returns to normal, they resume their old hatreds. Most other races are confused about this behavior, and will be confused when they get in a tavern brawl with a Dwarven coworker, and can go to work the next day like nothing happened.

The Dwarves are shrewd traders and negotiators due to this trait, able to argue about a price till the other person gives in, and then a dwarf will happily continue trading with the same person. They also are known to be especially ingenious when it comes to mechanical and gunpowder devices. Most of the modern inventions come from Dwarves.

Dwarves typically live in homes with large families and have many siblings and cousins.
They are always ready to back up any family member in any situation.


The Dwarven history is difficult to originate, due to their underground nomadic tendencies. The Dwarves carved tunnels all through the underground, and would quickly move on when they have emptied a section of all of its resources.

It wasn’t until the Age of Humans that the Dwarves became widely accepted as more than just a legend. Humans finally dug down deep enough to reach the Dwarves who traveled closest to the surface during the human’s prosperous reign, and began to trade simple food and wood for great riches. This little contact continued until the Elrori took over the surface.

The Elrori didn’t want to trade with the Dwarves, instead they wanted to enslave them. But they had no way of knowing just how unified these Dwarves could be at a moment’s notice, and their retribution was surprisingly swift. Their numbers, mobility, and technology gave a huge advantage to the Dwarves, and when the Elrori summoned their devils and seemed to have an upper hand, the Dwarves called upon their god to combat the forces of evil, separating the surface and underground with a great ravine from the Elrori forces.

Currently, the Dwarves have ruled the surface for thousands of years, creating the Age of Dwarves. The tribal leaders left their nomadic life to hold keeps and strongholds on the surface, calling themselves kings and constantly squabbling over territory. Recently the Elrori threat returned, and so the Dwarves instantly dropped all of their feuds to fight alongside each other against the Elrori Devils again.


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