Elrori (elves)


Since the Elrori were created for the entertainment purposes of demons, they come in all different colors and sizes, but are universally lithe and beautiful. Their hair and skin tone range from deep blacks and blues to bright autumn colors, and even pale whites.

Most of the Elrori are enslaved by the Archdevil deity Asmodeous, and are constantly swarming the forests that make their home or battling Dwarven armies. A few Elrori who have escaped the devil’s compulsion have integrated into the society of the other races, where they experience heavy mistrust.

They are notoriously stealthy known to be excellent archers. They also have a close connection to the forests that they resided in, and elven druids tend to channel demonic powers to bend creatures and plants to their will.

Elrori (elves)

The Elrori were created to be slaves for the demons of the Abyss. The Abyssal beings wanted to create minions who felt pain and feared death like the beings of the mortal realm, so that they could be entertained by their constant suffering.

As a move from hell in their eternal war against the abyss, a minor devil made contact with several members of the Elrori and planned to open a gateway to the mortal realm for them to escape. The plan ended up being very successful, and nearly all of the elves escaped to the mortal plane.

Stealing a source of entertainment was only a small blow to the abyss, but was an extreme asset to Asmodeous’ personal power. What the Elrori did not realize at the time, was that they were merely switching their allegiances to a new master. Releasing the Elrori from their torturous existence gave Asmodeous great influence over them and power to reach Archdevilhood.

At first, the Elrori entered the world scattered in the far north, they quickly traveled south to the lush untamed forests. The rest of the world heard rumors of their demonic influence and origins, and held them in high enmity and any movement south from the race was highly opposed. Living in the abyss, however, had strengthened the race to become great survivalists, and so they fought back, establishing many holds on the northern forests.

During the age of Humans, the central powers of the Human kingdom decided it
was time to get rid of the Elrori once and for all. A great campaign made mostly of humans
was launched against the Elrori, dwindling their numbers, and backing them to the most northern
reaches of their forests.

Asmodeous decided to get involved once again, and began to press his will over the creatures that owed him their freedom, whispering dark commands in the ear of every member of that race.
Very few Elrori are strong willed enough to release themselves from Asmodeous’ grasp. Those that can oppose his influence can break away from their corrupted race and live ostracized and hated among the other races.

The majority of the Elrori were trapped, and Asmodeous had them use demonic magic to grow a giant tree in the north, a tree the size of a mountain. From this tree, he created a portal
into hell, where he could send his minions to conquer all of Edar.

The righteous deities who pitied the humans had no ability to stop Asmodeous, because his battle was technically on the side of the abused race, who the humans couldn’t accept into their society. And so, with the full unhindered aid of Asmodeous, the Elrori quickly overpowered the humans, almost wiping them out into extinction. And so the Age of the Elrori began.

This age lasted for several generations, until the rising of the Dwarves. The Dwarves, who lived
underground during the Age of Humans, had been very slightly effected by the Elrori take over. They would have stayed there, as a mostly non-confrontational race, had the Elrori not begin to enslave whole colonies of Dwarves. The Dwarves were like a sleeping dragon, and fought back as soon as they were provoked. The Elrori had no idea about the powerful lost technology the Dwarves used, and the sudden strike from weapons utilizing gunpowder took them by surprise. Also, the Dwarves underground network gave them the element of surprise in nearly every battle, and the Elrori were quickly pushed back.

The Elrori returned to the ancient black tree that they spawned and called upon Asmodeous again.
Asmodeous answered his servants and summoned his armies again, but this time, he couldn’t hide
behind righteous intentions, and Torag, the Dwarven patron, intervened with Asmodeous’ meddling.
Although Asmodeous was only an Archdemon, Torag still could not defeat him out right. But he did
have the power to stop his demonic forces.

Legends tell of Torag using his giant hammer to crack a bottomless ravine between the northern forests and the rest of Edar, this crack repelled any attempts
from outsiders to cross it, and was too long for the Elrori on the other side to make it across easily with their armies. And so the age of Dwarves began.

The Elrori remained dormant for over a couple thousand years, but Asmodeous was hard at work. He
used the Rakshasa in Katsumi to reach divinity, and mustered his forces until he was strong enough to break the barrier that held back his armies. Until finally in the last few years, he constructed an unholy bridge that could transport his Devilish forces over the ravine and swarm the Dwarven Kingdoms, starting a new battle against the Dwarves.

Elrori (elves)

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