General Timeline of the World

Age of Dragons 1st Age, length unknown

During the Age of Dragons, all of Edar was ruled by Dragons. They enslaved or killed all other races until, for reasons unknown, they vanished. Of the races left behind, the humans were the most numerous.

Age of Humans 2nd Age, 600 years

For 600 years, the mainland of Tura, from the northmost reaches to the borders of the Katsuni Region, was dominated by the Human Kingdoms. Their influence was felt throughout Edar. During this time, the Dwarves, now freed from the tyranny of the Dragons, went underground and the Ogre Shamans took control of Nauticole.

Age of Elrori 3rd Age, 50 years

Although the shortest of the known Ages, The Age of the Elrori was perhaps one of the bloodiest. By the power of Asmodeous, The Elrori entered the world of Edar through a portal from hell located in the northern forest regions of Tura. During the next 50 years, the Elrori waged a devastating war against the Human Kingdoms, bringing the Humans to the brink of extinction. During this time, the Katsuni Region, the Nauticolians, and the underground Dwarven populations remained relatively untouched.

Age of Dwarves 4th Age, 203rd year at present

When the Elrori provoked the Dwarves, they were not prepared for the retribution that followed. Unexpected swarms of Dwarves came forth through their underground caverns in such numbers that the Elrori were swiftly pushed back to their forests. In the events of an epic battle directly involving the actions of the deities Asmodeous and Torag, an immense bottomless ravine was put into place surrounding the area inhabited by the Elrori and the forces of Asmodeous, keeping them at bay.

After this event, the Dwarves inhabited the war-torn land left behind by the Humans and Elrori. The remnants of the Human race swore fealty to their Dwarven saviors. The Dwarves took control as the new dominant power of Edar. The world has lived in relative peace for the last 200 years.

General Timeline of the World

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