Katsuni Region


This land lies far to the south east of the Dwarven Kingdoms. It is covered by harsh deserts, due to the easterly mountain range, known as the Myaku Mountains, that prevent moisture from the sea from reaching its vast plains. However, the more Northwestern borders are full of humid Jungles that approach the edge of the deserts.

There are also a few large rivers that run down the easterly mountains and disappear in the desert, and one main river, the Katsu, that cuts through the Jungles surrounding the isolated land from the north, and although the journey through the jungle is still treacherous by river, the exotic goods from the secluded land makes many merchants risk the trip every year. Due to isolation from the largest hubs on the continent, there are many exotic races and creatures that are rarely seen elsewhere.

Many centuries ago, it is believed that the area was the head seat of the ancient dragons that ruled the world. The practicality being that dragon kings had no problem with the area’s remoteness, or harsh conditions.

The Dragons were said to have used the powerful Rakshasa as regional governors in the area. The Cat folk that possessed inherent magical powers were ideal to subdue risings from the lesser races. But after the Dragon War, and the Dragons mysterious disappearance, the Rakshasa assumed full power. The Dragons had already segregated the Rakshasa regionally and by color. So the regional feuding between the different colored fur Rakshasa was inevitable.

The warring of the powerful magical creatures devastated the landscapes even more and the population of the slow breeding Rakshasa began to dwindle, until centries later, when the Albino Rakshasas, known as the Razhida, discovered the formula to lichdom giving them new found power, and together, with their most powerful spell casters, devised a spell that sent a plague throughout the desert and jungles killing any rakshasa that didn’t share their unique albino genes. This plague was thereafter known as The Great Cleansing.

The only survivors were the few Rakshasa that were abroad and the small Den of Jet Black Rakshasa, known as the Droken. Only days before The Great Cleansing, the Den Leader of the Droken was approached by a powerful arch devil named Asmodeous. This arch devil was attempting to achieve divinity, and he knew that he could achieve it if he got the powerful rakshasa to worship him. He didn’t have the power to wipe out the other Dens to appease one Den to worship him, but he did have enough power to protect the Droken from the plague, and so he made a pact to protect the Droken and give them demonic powers in order to fight back. And so the Droken were saved and the war continued on a smaller scale. After a few hundred years of petty feuding over territory, trade began to flow in from the Katsu River from the Dwarven Kingdoms.

The increase in trade and greed for wealth has led to a tentative truce between the houses for the last hundred years. Which brought the war underground, where the Rakshasas attempt to keep their hands clean while attacking the other dens trading and mining. The sudden flow of trading
and lack of interest the Rakshasas hold for the lesser races, has also made the major hubs of Katsuni into something more akin to free cities than places with structured governments and leadership. Whichever house has technical ownership over a city will generally let it govern itself, and simply take tribute out of the heavy trade taxes from its wealthiest citizens.

Razhida Den

The Rashida Den is the most powerful house in Katsuni. Their holdings are primarily held in west Katsuni. They are known to possess some of the most powerful necromancers in the world. The controlling of life and death through necromancy is considered one of the noblest pursuits for Razhida. Most any noble Rakshasa has some clerical or wizard powers focused in necromancy.

Droken Den

Droken is the second largest, and only other major den that isn’t just an offshoot of itself or
Razhida. They hold most of their influence in the far eastern section of Katsuni, but are much more nomadic and prone to barbaric traditions than the Razhida. The only way they were able to survive the great cleansing was due to their connection to Asmodeous, the most powerful ruler of the 7 hells. And now all the Rakshasa have some sorcerer ability, or many are favored souls of Asmodeous himself.

Katsuni Region

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