A large singular continent [roughly the size and isolation of Australia] covered in dense pine tree forests, this land is home to many varieties of ogre, orc, troll and giant. Common orc lore states that the giants were originally the true rulers of the land, but eventually were beaten back by the magic using ogre shamans. Now the giants exist as only a few small nomadic clans, allowed to exist on the brink of extinction by the capricious ogres. The trolls on the other hand have always been the clear underdogs in terms of intelligence and ability to rule, but nevertheless have never actually been defeated as a whole because of their powerful natural regeneration. Ogre shaman clan leaders are always saying they will go destroy the race like they did to the giants, but more often then not tolerate them. After all, the trolls aren’t exactly smart enough to take over, so are treated as more of an annoyance than anything.

Ogres are the clear ruling class on the continent, with their martial fighters extolling everything from the virtues of rage and speed, to methodical and defensive. Ogre shamans are the clear rulers of the clans in most cases, with a few rare martial types and the very rare orc leading a clan instead. Ogres are cruel, unjust and tyrannical, but they have the strength to back up their abrasive personalities if not the numbers. In truth, the ogre race is slowly dying out, as magic warps their brains and often causes insanity. Still, this fact is not commonly known, and every year more ogres are trained in the arcane schools to become leaders.

Orcs are the working class, the common people of the large island. Not quite as strong as an ogre, or as natural with magic as some can be, they can still become powerful in their own right and long ago earned the grudging respect of their ogre overlords. For years they held every role and occupation ogres didn’t want to fill, becoming laborers, craftsmen and at their best merchants. With the appearance of ships, and having earned a measure of trust and independence from the land loving ogres, they largely became masters of the sea, although many still report back to their arcane masters with the help of two way magical communication devices.

With so many orcs leaving Nauticole’s shores, the ogres began training the ever mistreated giants and trolls to fill the jobs being lost. This has worked but only to a certain degree; giants make great laborors but as their numbers grow are beginning to consider rebellion again, while trolls are mostly too stupid to be much good at anything. Enough orcs remained behind to still fill roles as merchants, farmers and other middle class occupations, and even get along well enough with the giants, so now giants are largely the laborer population while the trolls are used as beasts of burden.


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