The Tortles have been used to be solely a sea baring race, and still are, except for one clan that used to live in the sea just on the other side of the Myaku Mountains.

The legend goes that their barbaric beliefs held that the Myaku Mountains separated them from the afterlife of eternal peace and no suffering. And After Chief Makuu-Makuu’s daughter died at an early age, he decided that he could not wait to meet her in the afterlife, so lead his small tribe on a hike that their bodies were never made to endure to find the afterlife themselves.

After a long, adventurous journey over the mountains, Makuu-Makuu, and the remainder of his dieing tribe made it to a cliff where the fog was so thick that he had to stop for the rest of the day. By the next afternoon the had fog cleared, giving him a view of mountain
forests, leading into the desert and he realized that the mountain only signified the beginning of his journey. He also realized that he could no longer sacrifice his tribe for his own, so he left them there, vowing to return one day with his daughter and bring them to the promised land.

And so that tribe stayed there and flourished, completely isolated form the outside world. Until Thousands of years had passed (having very long life expectancies, they were very patient). Until one day, someone finally visited their tribe. The clan was overjoyed, assuming that this person was the old Makuu-Makuu, only to discover that it was a human named Irori.

Irori explained that he was reaching the top of the highest mountain to further his enlightenment. He also explained he did not come from their beautiful afterlife, but that he could show them how to truly reach nirvana. He also taught them of the outside world, and
encouraged them to venture through it to find out more to reach enlightenment. From then on, the
small village became a monastery of Monke, paying homage to Makuu-Makuu and Irori, who taught them how to reach true enlightenment. They not only go on walkabouts to explore the greater world now, but also take in other acolytes who seek them to learn the Flowing Monk Style, also known as Turtle style.


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