Legend of the Last Gun

Long ago in the Age of Dragons, a certain particularly tyrannical Magma Dragon named Tear ruled the city-state of Kalak, in the northern foothills of what is now known as the Lost Continent of Okarthel. His every deed was vile, his every though unspeakable, he ruled through fear and intimidation and by occasionally eating the people he supposedly governed. A powerful wizard in his own right as well as having the natural sorcerer talents of his kind, he was so far undefeatable if given time to prepare, and with his use of augury magics he always had time to prepare. The people could do nothing but grovel before him, each hoping that they would not be next, each hoping for the day that some powerful hero would come and save them. Heroes did come from time to time, and Tear was especially proud of animating what was left of their corpses to guard his mountaintop home.

It was only when Tear publicly announced he would be busy for the next year or so preparing for his imminent ascendancy to lichdom that the people decided they had suffered enough. Secretly they sent agents across the known world, asking for someone who could devise a way to defeat the dragon before he could gain the power to terrorize them indefinitely. One of those agents returned with a member of the Veiled Alliance, a group of powerful wizards who claimed they could make a weapon that would cut away every defense of the dragon. As it happened, the Alliance were specialists in fighting other mages and especially dragon mages, and knew many ways to fool a wizard’s spells protecting it from being caught unawares. In return, the Alliance asked only that the weapon be returned to them for disenchanting once the task was done.

And so, nearly half a year later, nine magical components were sent to the city-state through various ways. Each held a small enchantment designed to either protect the wielder from harm, be particularly effective against dragons or strip away a dragon’s defenses. The components were each brought to the city as part of a separate firearm, and the special components could be disassembled to then assemble a gun of great power, known as the Last Gun. When the pieces were separate they would seem inconsequential to the dragon’s warning spells, while together they would form an item of nearly magical artifact levels. With the parts in hand, but kept as far apart as possible to keep Tear from detecting them and realizing their potential, the people next searched for a gunman.

The man they found was perfect, or so they thought. A human gunslinger with dubious morals but also a powerful hate of dragons; the man eagerly took the job simply for the satisfaction of seeing another dragon blasted from the face of existence. And so the people brought him to the city-state and had him bond with each component individually over the course of several days, then at last took him to the Magma Dragon’s lair. They brought the weapon’s pieces to him from many directions so as to give the dragon as little warning as possible, and the gunslinger assembled the mighty gun and entered the lair.

Several minutes later he emerged without a scratch on him, to show the attending citizens a small device that looked like a small compass. He explained that the device was a powerful item that would allow him to search out more dragons and kill them, a prospect which seemed to excite him immensely. When the people nodded politely and asked for the Last Gun, so they could return it to the Alliance, the gunslinger only smiled. The dragon emerged from the lair behind him with a roar, and instantly incinerated the citizens. And with that the gunslinger left those lands with his new gun, to destroy as many dragons as he could in what would be a long and fulfilling life, thanks in large part to the gift given him by Tear.

Any firearm which includes at least one component of the Last Gun becomes a Lesser Version of the Last Gun, and so gains the special qualities inherent in that component. But before the wielder can use those powers, the wielder must spend an hour bonding with the weapon’s component. Each component can have only one bonded wielder at a time, and each individual component takes an hour to bond with even if multiple components are assembled as one Lesser Version gun or even the Last Gun itself. All components have a small enchantment that causes them to magically re-size so they can be fitted to any other kind of firearm. A weapon’s total enhancement bonus is equal to the largest enhancement bonus of any components used in its construction. A weapon assembled with a component can teleport to the bonded wielder’s hand, at a distance of up to one mile.

+1 Coat Pistol
Grip: where the gun is held by the trigger hand
Defending, wielder can transfer some or all of the weapon’s enhancement bonus to untyped AC
Special is that the Last Gun can use the bonus of all parts included in the Last Gun

+1 Sword Cane Pistol
Trigger: the part that releases the firing pin
Energy Resistance (fire) as the Resist Energy spell, negates the first 10 fire damage per attack

+1 Double-barreled Pistol
Sight: device that helps aim accurately
Bane (dragons), against dragons the enhancement bonus is +2 better, also deals 2d6 extra damage

+1 Axe Musket
Bolt: steel rod that seals cartridge in chamber for firing, the firing pin is part of this
If the wielder takes fire damage, the triggering enemy takes an equal amount of untyped damage

+1 Warhammer Musket
Anvil: solid surface which the firing pin strikes to set off the powder
Creatures damaged lose their natural Fly Speed until the next turn

+2 Blunderbuss
Barrel: metal tube through which bullet travels
Creatures damaged lose their supernatural Breath Weapon attack until the next turn

+2 Double-barreled Musket
Butt: the end piece of larger guns that rests against the shoulder
Creatures damaged lose their natural Dragon Senses until the next turn

+2 Pepperbox
Breech: where the cartridge is inserted
Creatures damaged lose their natural Spell Resistance until the next turn

+2 Culverin
Stock: the wooden part which a larger gun is held by
Creatures damaged lose their natural Frightful Presence until the next turn

Legend of the Last Gun

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